Our Story

Learn more about the Tanjil Pets family below. 
about Tanjil Pets

Since 1995 our Father (Tony) and our Mother (Sue) started breeding when our family dog Jackie accidentally got pregnant by the next door neighbour’s dog. Since then things have definitely developed over time, and we have remained focused on breeding happy and healthy pets for other families.

As kids growing up we knew nothing different then to help care for our dogs and raise happy and healthy puppies. We all had chores and we learnt to work hard to ensure all our dogs and puppies were cared for.

Breeding happy, healthy dogs has been ingrained in our family for so long and has become an integral part of our lives. We love our dogs and they always come first!

As a family we feel a high sense of purpose knowing that we bring new life into this world, and our puppies bring additional joy, love and enrichment to families.