Breeding Practices

Read about our nursing, raising and breeding practices here and get in touch with us for further information.
groodle puppy DNA testing


All of our parents are raised and cared for by us.

No future parent is bred with until they are fully developed and cleared by our veterinarian (12 months old or older).

Before this occurs, we complete comprehensive DNA testing and identify any carrier or at-risk variants in the parent’s DNA.

We always ensure parent joinings have clear matches, which means all future offspring do not have two copies of the same variant. This ensures that there are no hereditary health risks for your puppy.
Hip and Elbow testing
In 2023, we started to Hip and Elbow test our parents. All of our parents are now Hip and Elbow tested since February 2024.

Nursing and Raising

When our puppies are first born they are born in the nursery. The nursery provides them with heating and cooling throughout the day and night. They also have additional heat lamps above whelping boxes.

All areas of the nursery have security cameras – this allows us to monitor and hear puppies and mum.

We handle each puppy daily. We do physical daily checks to ensure each puppy is clean and well cared for. We clean whelping areas two to three times a day.

Mums receive fresh chicken frames from the local butchers, dog loaf, dry food and energy gel throughout their time breastfeeding pups.

At six weeks of age, all our Groodle puppies receive their vaccinations, microchipping, as well as a thorough physical health check at the veterinarian examination.
breeding, nursing and raising practices at Tanjil Pets
behaviour and socialisation for groodle puppies

Behaviour and socialisation

From 0 to 3 weeks, puppies are raised in the nursery. From 4 to 8 weeks, our puppies are then moved to the puppy suite. In this area, we stimulate our puppies with toys and balance boards.

We conduct sound conditioning using Netflix for kids as well as YouTube videos of city/country sounds, firetrucks and construction sites. This ensures your puppy is familiar with different sounds and environments when they arrive home. From 5 to 8 weeks of age, puppies are introduced to the outdoors and enjoy playing outside with play equipment and toys.

Home environment

We live in Tanjil South Victoria. Our Groodle puppies are raised in a rural environment at our home.

The puppy suite and nursing areas are located directly adjoining the home, therefore we continually interact with and monitor your future family member throughout the day.

home environment groodle puppy breeding
waitlist and availability of groodle puppies

Priority Waitlist and Availability

If you contact us well before a pregnancy is confirmed you have the option to go on our priority wait list with your preferences. The earlier you enquire the higher you are on the priority list. Reaching out early is better, as you will get more choice as to who will be your next family member! All of our puppies are usually allocated to families at around three weeks of age.

Allocations begin with photos and videos and then a facetime with Mum and pups to lock in your preference and your desired groodle puppy. From three weeks onward you will receive weekly photo updates. This allows you to watch them grow through their early stages in life.

At 6 weeks of age, we offer home visits to meet parents and pups at our home before they come home to you from 8 weeks onwards.

What's included?

When you purchase a puppy through us you will receive a comprehensive DNA report of parents, and the option to have a home visit to meet puppy and parents at 6 weeks of age.

Puppy packs are provided with the following items: comfort toy and blanket with sibling’s scent, toys, food bowl, pet wipes, pet car restraint for travelling, matching collar and lead and puppy folder with all of their records. A three-year hereditary health guarantee is provided with all our puppies.

When your puppy is ready to come home, we can arrange drop-offs closer to Melbourne metro areas. On days where we may have several drop offs we can meet at a central location – usually Dandenong. If you live outside of the metro area, alternative pick-up points can possibly be arranged. You can also pick up your puppy from our home in Tanjil South Victoria. If you are interstate we can assist you with arranging transport and flights via trusted pet transport company World Class Hounds.